Reflections: On My Yes

In the heat of the moment I said yes.  I said yes to Him.  I said yes to what His heart desired.  I was so excited and looking forward to all the good things to come.  And I believed I was ready, however, I was not and He knew it.  When I ran, He pursued.  When I hid, He found me.  When I said no, He waited.  He never left my side.  He loved me through hell and back when others turned their back.  He never gave up on me and that is why I stay, seek and believe in Him above all else.  The way He has loved me back to life has proven to me that His care for my heart is greater than anything I could ever accomplish on this earth.  God really loves my being.  He loves who I am despite anything I could ever do for Him so I will trust Him with my life.  I will trust Him with His plans and His timing.  I will listen, obey and follow wherever He leads despite who is with me and who is not.  Jesus is life and my best life is found in Him and in Him alone.  

So I share all this with you to say that when Jesus calls you with a proposal and you excitedly say yes, be prepared for the flood of emotions to follow.  Be prepared for the unexpected.  Be prepared to encounter evil.  Be prepared for many stops along the way.  Be prepared for roadblocks and barriers.  Be prepared for redirection.  Be prepared to lose the map.  Be prepared for haters and naysayers.  Be prepared for division.  Just be prepared because it will not go the way you have planned.  In fact, it will go every way except the way you hoped or planned it would go because His way is higher and better than anything you could ever imagine. He won’t give you everything you want or desire because He has something greater in mind. And there will be times when you want to give up, quit, throw in the towel and walk away but He won’t let you because He will remind you of the vision and the dream He spoke into your heart that led to your yes.  

So after you say yes to Jesus, this is what you do. First, you thank Him for the opportunity then immediately put on your armor and safety devices.  Start planning your journey but remain open and flexible with your plans to allow Him room to move you wherever He desires to accomplish His will. Always keep your eyes on Him no matter where He leads and always keep the vision and dream in mind because when it gets hard you’re going to need them both. And when you get to the other side of it all, praise Him over and over again as you prepare to get back on the road to greater things! Never give up.  Keep moving forward.  But most importantly, always believe!

Am I happy I said yes? Absolutely! Was it a tough road? Yes. Am I ready now? I sure hope so and I hope He agrees this time lol.



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