How Much More?

Lamb of God by Tom duBois

I can’t stop thinking about Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a young donkey.  I can’t stop thinking about how all the city was stirred and how all the people were hanging on to every word He said.  I can’t stop thinking about the people praising God joyfully with a loud voice for all the miracles which they had seen and how it was said, “the world has gone after Him.  

Jesus was doing things that had never been done before.  He was saying things that had never been said before.  And the people were all stirred up and going after Him in good ways and in bad.  There was no denying the power and influence of Jesus as He entered the city of Jerusalem.  He was magnificent and magnetic!  Can you imagine the streets lined with coats and palm branches?  Can you imagine the shouts and joyful cries?  Can you imagine the power of His presence?  Can you imagine all the healed people testifying about Him?  Can you imagine the hope that filled the streets of that city?  Can you imagine how glorious it must have been?  

Reflecting on this time, it’s easy to understand the disappointment the people felt less than a week later as they watched their beloved Jesus hanging dead on the cross.  God bless the people who endured that time who lived to tell about it!  But even more God bless Jesus Christ who died and rose again so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life!  It is absolutely amazing everything that God did through the life of His Son Jesus!

I know there is no way to repay Jesus for His sacrifice but I wonder what we could do to bring His name greater honor and glory?  Like the people in Jerusalem, could we hang on to His every word?  Could we go after Him?  Could we shout more joyful praises to His name?  It makes me wonder how much more we could do to bring His name glory in the streets of our communities?  How much more hope could we stir up for all the people?  How much more could His church do to make an impact like Jesus as He rode into Jerusalem?  How much more?  

John 12:14, Matthew 21:10, Luke 19:48, Luke 19:37, John 12:19

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