Tater Tot Waffles…Must Read

Warning: This post is not intended for the keto or low carb audience. Viewer discretion advised.

It is with great honor that I have the privilege of introducing you to the latest and greatest addition to our menu rotation…. the tater tot waffle!  This delicious potatoey treat made it’s grand debut in our home a few weeks ago and let me be the first to tell you it was (insert British accent) smashing!  The only things you need to make this delicious treat is a waffle iron and thawed tater tots.  And all you have to do is cover the waffle iron with tater tots and close the lid.  Cook until they are browned then remove from iron (crispy = easier to remove).  Top with your favorite fixins’ and chow down!

We topped ours with cheese, bacon and sour cream like a loaded baked potato.  I thought chili or taco meat would be good too and maybe even a hamburger or eggs.  There are lots of fun ways you could dress these up for a delicious dinner.  The best part is they are ready in no time…. well some time lol.  Anyways, I made them for Cole one night after practice.  I threw them on when he got home and it was ready by the time he was cleaned up!  It was a win win!  And for those of you on dish duty, clean up is equally as fast.  I just love these things and I hope you try them!  Please let me know what you think!

Until then, happy tater tot waffling!

Love ya,

Wyn ❤️


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