This is my daughter’s comforter and one morning while making her bed I read it.  I had read this comforter a million times but on this morning I really read it and the words sunk down deep.  DREAM. CRAZY. BIG.  So there I stood, before this comforter reading three simple words that are so often used to encourage young children and suddenly I was reminded of my childhood crazy big dream.  Now this might surprise you but before I was a grown up, I was a little girl who had a crazy big dream that had absolutely nothing to do with a full-time job, mortgage or children.  Which means at some point in my life I gave up dreaming crazy big and started dreaming crazy practical.  So still standing over this comforter, I began to wonder, when did I stop dreaming crazy big and how old was I?

So for those who know me well, you know I love music and have since I was a little girl.  So to no surprise my crazy big dream was imagining myself as a performer, mostly a singer but a singer who could also bust a move because as much as I love singing, I love dancing.  I remember spending hours in my room singing to Mariah Carey and other artists of the day while fine tuning my dance moves watching MTV videos.  My crazy big little girl dream was to lead and move stadiums packed full of people with my voice.  Which for some, my crazy big dream is their crazy big reality.  So is the difference between them and me simply that they allowed their dream to live while I allowed mine to die?  Is the difference that they took steps in the direction of their dreams while I took steps further and further away from mine not believing it was possible?

So I asked the Lord to remind me of the time in my life when I stopped imagining or believing in my dream and He took me back to the eighth grade when I was in Select Chorus.  I believe it was then when I began to compare my voice to the voices of others who were more highly favored.  I believe it was then when I stated believing that my voice wasn’t beautiful enough and doubted my ability.  I suppose I believed that I wasn’t good enough or had what it takes.  That was my last year singing and the end of my crazy big dream at fourteen years old.

Fourteen is awfully young to stop believing in a dream and in yourself.  A few years ago, Jesus dropped a great big crazy sized dream in my heart that I feel like I have doubted over and over again.  And I realize it’s much easier to believe in the dream than it is to believe in yourself.  But you see a dream can’t be accomplished in yourself, within your own strength and abilities, a dream can only be done through the grace of God that we receive in Christ Jesus.  In Christ, the impossible is possible.  But in yourself, the impossible is impossible.  I didn’t have a relationship with Jesus when I was fourteen but I wish I had.  I wonder how much differently my life would be today if I had known there was power and strength greater than anything in this world to help me accomplish the dream in my heart.  I don’t despise my life or the road I’ve traveled because it made me who I am but it sure does make me think about my children and the dreams God has tucked away and hidden in their hearts.  It makes me think more about talking about our dreams and sharing them with each other so we can encourage each other on in them so they don’t die but live!  I can’t think of anything greater than seeing my children living out their dreams!

As for me,  I feel so blessed to have the relationship with Christ that I do and that through Him I am able to dream and have a future hope that is greater than I could ever ask, think or imagine!  I wonder how much differently my life could be if I started taking steps in the directions of my dreams and started believing the impossible is truly possible in Christ.

And as for you, seek Christ, DREAM CRAZY BIG and believe in the impossible!  Who knows, maybe those crazy big dreams will come true!

Dream on,

Wyn ❤️


But He said, “The things that are impossible with people are possible with God.” Luke 18:27

Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us.  Ephesians 3:20

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13


2 Comments on “DREAM CRAZY BIG”

  1. Beautiful. I’ve been grappling with this same concept of dream and wholehearted living and following Him in a big dream. I didnt think to ask Him when I stopped dreaming…


    • Thank you ❤️ I’m coming to the conclusion that what real harm is there in taking steps in the direction of your dreams in faith. As long as you continue to seek Him, He won’t guide you wrong. We have to trust and believe no matter what that He will make it what He wants and it will all be used for good. Truly, moving towards it is the only way to know. Love ya!


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