Pursue Your Purpose

Jesus at His best knew His end was near. He knew His time was limited on earth and He knew what He had to do with the time He had left.
Is this you today? Do you know that your time is limited and do you know exactly what you are supposed to do on this earth? Do you know your purpose or are you wasting time working to attain riches and honor that in the end will not matter?
Sometimes we get so busy and consumed working and making money that we forget our time is limited. We forget that our life is like vapor and one day we will be no more. We forget that what we are working so hard to gain will be left into the hands of who knows who and that what remains of us may not be left as we will it. While this life is certain to hand us no guarantees, the will of the Father is always guaranteed. His kingdom will come and His will will be done on earth as it is in heaven. And if you knew, like Jesus, how much time you had left on earth to live, what would you do differently? What would you change? What would you spend the rest of your days doing?
The good news is that no matter where you are in life today or no matter what you believe it is never too late to turn it around and it is never too late to change. It is never too late to turn to God and start living the life He intended for you to live. It is never too late. He is able to turn it around. He is able to make a way. He is able and with God nothing is impossible! Have hope today and believe that your life is not over but with God it is only just beginning!
Father, I pray in Jesus name, that You would teach every person to number their days so that they may turn to You with a heart full of wisdom and want to spend the rest of their lives living to fulfill Your will for them. Lord, set their hearts on fire for you Lord. We love You, praise You and honor You. Amen.
Psalm 39: 4-6, Matthew 26:2, Matthew 26:18, Psalm 90:12, Luke 18:27, Matthew 6:10

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