A Woman Of Excellence

Ruth wasn’t worried or consumed about whether or not she would find a husband. Ruth was most concerned about taking care of her family. Ruth was committed to her family and went to work to provide. And while Ruth was working, God was working. It was God who directed her steps into Boaz’s field where he first noticed her excellent qualities.
The good news is that you don’t have to spend time looking or working hard to find a husband because God will lead you to him while you are hard at work taking care of what He has already given you. And the other good news is that God won’t lead you to just any man but God will lead you to a godly man like Boaz who is also excellent in character. See it was not Ruth’s looks that first attracted Boaz, it was the excellent quality of her character.
What matters most is how you choose to spend your time while you wait for a husband. Ruth did not spend her time in the town looking for a man to take care of her and Naomi. Instead, Ruth honored God by being loyal to her family by working with the right attitude. If Ruth would have been working in Boaz’s field with a poor attitude, He may have asked who she was but he may not have ever been interested in marrying her.
If Ruth had not chosen God, if she had not been committed to her family, and if she had not been willing to go to the field to work she may have never met Boaz. And if Ruth would have chosen the comfort, rest and security of other men, she may have never met Boaz. And if Ruth would have worked with a poor attitude she may have met Boaz but he may have never been interested in marrying her.
Ruth is a beautiful example of how God will honor you when you honor Him with your choices and your attitudes. You can trust God with your life and you can trust God to lead you to your husband but you have to do your part. It goes both ways, God looks after His sons just as He looks after His daughters. God will not lead just any woman to a man of excellence. A man of excellence is worthy of a woman of excellence like a woman of excellence is worthy of a man of excellence.
Choose to honor God by taking care of what you have with the right attitude and God will take care of the rest! And when you focus on living a life of excellence you can always expect to receive excellence and nothing less!
Read Ruth and get encouraged about your life. Your life is never is as bad as it seems. Stay loyal and live with excellence like Ruth and everything will work out for your good!

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