King Jesus

Jesus is a King. He is seated at the right hand of God and holds the highest position in heaven.  He is above all and over all yet despite his high status there is a closeness you can experience with Jesus that is not like kings of this world.  When you compare King Jesus to worldly kings there is no comparison.  Worldly kings stand afar, they are untouchable and unavailable.  It is unlikely in your lifetime you would ever be invited or found worthy to stand in the presence of a worldly king.  Worldly kings reserve their glory and honor for those who share high positions and they delight in their treasures.   

King Jesus, despite his high position, stands close and always finds you worthy of his presence.  He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother and a constant companion.  He is one call away and will leave everyone and everything to be with you.  He holds you firmly in his warm embrace and will never let you go.  He shares his glory and honor because of your high value and you are his treasure and delight.  When you choose a relationship with Jesus you not only receive a King for a friend but you also receive real love and real intimacy.  

King Jesus fulfills the desires of your heart. Worldly kings appeal to the desires of your flesh. Perhaps if you admire royalty, you should consider admiring the One and Only King Jesus. It would be better to invest in a close relationship with Jesus than to admire worldly kings from afar.

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