Freedom Friday

It is better to listen to Jesus for yourself and form your own thoughts and opinions about him.

Pilate listened to the people and then he listened to Jesus. Pilate listened to both sides and made his own decision. He concluded that Jesus was good and innocent of any wrongdoing.

If you want to know the truth, you have to listen to Jesus. Jesus came into the world to testify about the truth. His purpose was to teach us and show us the truth so we could live by it.

Read the red letters of the Bible out loud and listen to the words that Jesus spoke. Ponder them, chew on them, think about what he is saying and how that applies to your life today.

Sure you can listen and watch others, but it is better to hear from Jesus himself. No man on earth can fully understand or articulate the full measure of God. It’s better to experience it for yourself.

Jesus challenged Pilate’s thinking. He wants to challenge your thinking too. Will you accept?

Bottom line: Free your mind and think for yourself. Don’t rely on the thoughts and opinions of others. Be a free thinker ❤️

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