After this last year, living without Jesus in my heart is not an option for me.  And I know if you don’t have Jesus in your heart, whether you realize it or not, you are living in some form of hell that is wreaking havoc on your life and your relationships.  I can tell you from experience that Jesus is better.  The peace of choosing and honoring Jesus first in all things is more precious and valuable than anything found on the earth.  Jesus helps me see others and empathizes with their needs.  He draws attention and focus away from myself and frees me to live content and happy in the present with what I have.  Jesus taught me to learn from the successes and mistakes of yesterday but not to live in them.  He taught me to plan for the future but not to worry about it.  His wisdom is supreme and his path leads to life.  With Jesus, I feel empowered that I can truly make a difference and influence change.  I know he loves me and there is nothing that compares to him.  Whether you are on a mountain or in a valley, he is by your side.  He is serious about his people.  His grace is sufficient.  His love overwhelming.  His mercy unrelenting.  He is greater than we could ever imagine.  I see the importance of gaining greater understanding of mercy.  I see how simple acts of kindness and compassion would bring great glory to his name.  In our world today, we need more life and less death.  Jesus is the only way, the only truth and the only life worth following.  I am thankful for the hell I lived in and I am thankful for Jesus who saved me from it and the help he continues to give me each and every day.  If you feel like you need to be rescued from this hell on earth, Jesus is the way.  

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