Believe: Christmas Devotions

Day 8:  Forever Love

I have loved you with an everlasting love. Jeremiah 31: 3

In our world today, we love love.  People proclaim their love for so many and all kinds of things to the point that love has become watered down.  It’s kind of like taking a drink of flat soda when all the ice has melted.  The truth is that flat watered down soda is gross and we all know that at some point after that soda is poured, the ice will melt and the carbonation will fade away.  The same is true for everything you love in your life today, all things in it’s time will wither and fade away like the ice and carbonation.    

There is only One love that exists that will last forever and never fade away.  That love only comes from God in heaven.  He promises to love us faithfully and unconditionally forever.  There is an endless supply of his love to drink and it tastes much sweeter than honey to your lips.  It is impossible for his love to leave a bad taste in your mouth.  God’s proclamation of love for you is not watered down.  When he says he loves you, he means it.  You mean everything to God and he wants nothing more than to love you.  Receive God’s gift of love this Christmas. 

Isaiah 40:8, Psalm 119:103


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